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ERP: The Key to a more efficient Chinese business environment

Integrating all your processes into one single Information System solution saves time, reduces errors and improves efficiency. Get the facts on how NEXIAN can help you choose and deploy an ERP solution.More


Help your Staff optimize its time

Through processes NEXIAN improves human interactions and makes sure nothing and no one is left behind.More

Security and Privacy assessment

Don't waste your time running after lost data or unscrupulous people. NEXIAN can plan for the worst. more

Collaborative Solutions Design and Processes

IT World Compatible

Collaborative Solutions Design and Processes Collaborative Solutions Design and Processes

Enterprise Resource planning (ERP)

Careful audit and planning are required to optimize the chances of success when deploying an ERP solution.

Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) Enterprise Resource planning (ERP)

Technology Investment in China

NEXIAN supports both technology innovators and investors.

Technology Investment in China Technology Investment in China

IT Training

Any well constructed project requires adequate training or the chance of failure is increased

IT Training IT Training


In Information technology projects, more than technique, processes are the corner stones of success.

Processes Processes

Security and Privacy Assessment

Security and privacy are of high importance and concern in China. NEXIAN can help protect commercial informationís confidentiality and integrity.

Security and Privacy Assessment Security and Privacy Assessment

What makes Nexian different?

Every company tends to use Collaborative Solutions such as E-mail and ERP (Enterprise Resource planning) systems, in order to ease its internal and external communications, share information and resources, and improve their performance and competitive advantage.

NEXIAN continuously identifies new technologies trends in order to anticipate what will be future needs and to streamline your business processes by using the appropriate Collaborative Solutions.  Optimized business processes can reduce your costs and improve efficiency and quality.

NEXIAN does not advice on choosing technical tools solely because one brand is more famous than another. We test the “state of the art” solutions available on the market and compare their assets, weakness and functionalities in order to provide an accurate and personalized advice.


Some of the most important tasks that NEXIAN can assist you with, once the solution is chosen, include:

-    Managing all aspects of the project including third party providers

-    Solution customizing, to efficiently improve work methods.

-    Helping you design your best practices.

-    Applying effective testing methods to remove inconstancies.

-    Training and support so your staff is ready to exploit the solution once the go live date comes.





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IT Services

At NEXIAN we know that, as much as we can help you with your technical processes, if we do not help you maintain active your global and local communications links the rest is useless. more

IT Services 

Monitoring projects and avoiding potential pitfalls

Monitoring projects and avoiding potential pitfalls

NEXIAN helps you maintain on-target delivery dates and get the quality you expect from third party providers. more

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Here you can see Nexian's monthly news letter more

Read here the Latest News letter

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