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ERP: The Key to a more efficient Chinese business environment

Integrating all your processes into one single Information System solution saves time, reduces errors and improves efficiency. Get the facts on how NEXIAN can help you choose and deploy an ERP solution.More


Help your Staff optimize its time

Through processes NEXIAN improves human interactions and makes sure nothing and no one is left behind.More

Security and Privacy assessment

Don't waste your time running after lost data or unscrupulous people. NEXIAN can plan for the worst. more

Choosing the right service providers
Language barriers, cultural differences, time difference, limited human resources and lack of technical knowledge are some of the Barriers that NEXIAN can eliminate when managing deployments.  

NEXIAN can help you choose the right IT contractor. Through detailed documents, detailed contracts and planning.

When opening a branch in a new country, finding quality service providers can be a daunting task. In China it can become close to impossible due to language barriers, cultural differences and methods. NEXIAN reduces pitfalls and emit early warnings in case of a potential breach of contract.

Plan and assist software and hardware deployments:

Because companies change their software structure, migrate their workstations and homogenize their environment it is necessary to structure methods and manage teams to painlessly accomplish such tasks.

NEXIAN can lay down process maps containing rules and regulations to save time and limit errors. NEXIAN uses industry standards methods to accomplish such tasks. We use forms, guide lines, reports to leave a trace of the work accomplished and to ease future upgrades and evolutions.

NEXIAN makes sure that third party providers (cable companies, hardware manufacturers and distributors as well as telecom companies) receive and follow instructions.




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IT Services

At NEXIAN we know that, as much as we can help you with your technical processes, if we do not help you maintain active your global and local communications links the rest is useless. more

IT Services 

Monitoring projects and avoiding potential pitfalls

Monitoring projects and avoiding potential pitfalls

NEXIAN helps you maintain on-target delivery dates and get the quality you expect from third party providers. more

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