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ERP: The Key to a more efficient Chinese business environment

Integrating all your processes into one single Information System solution saves time, reduces errors and improves efficiency. Get the facts on how NEXIAN can help you choose and deploy an ERP solution.More


Help your Staff optimize its time

Through processes NEXIAN improves human interactions and makes sure nothing and no one is left behind.More

Security and Privacy assessment

Don't waste your time running after lost data or unscrupulous people. NEXIAN can plan for the worst. more

Security and privacy assessment
Security and privacy are of high importance and concern in China. NEXIAN can help protect commercial information’s confidentiality and integrity. Data, know-how and intellectual property elements can be secured from unsolicited disclosure and accidental destruction.

NEXIAN can audit IT systems, including servers, databases, and web sites to identify eventual weaknesses in security and privacy. NEXIAN offers advises and corrective actions to reduce risks. Through process, methods and technology NEXIAN elaborates structural consolidation.

Backup Structuring

A large amount of backup tools and recovery procedures exist on the market. Choosing the right tool and the correct method require and audit and careful planning. Procedure enforcement through training and rules can reduce data loss risks. Through network automated backup systems; NEXIAN can also maintain global data safety even when workstations are in remote areas.

Privacy enhancers

Every country and China in particular, has certain legal requirements that sometime can interfere with some secure systems. It is imperative to take into account these ever changing rules and regulations when implementing privacy tools that use data encryptions. NEXIAN works closely with local and international law firms specialized in new technologies. This knowledge partnership helps company deploy cost effective structures that comply with the applicable regulations.




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IT Services

At NEXIAN we know that, as much as we can help you with your technical processes, if we do not help you maintain active your global and local communications links the rest is useless. more

IT Services 

Monitoring projects and avoiding potential pitfalls

Monitoring projects and avoiding potential pitfalls

NEXIAN helps you maintain on-target delivery dates and get the quality you expect from third party providers. more

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