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ERP: The Key to a more efficient Chinese business environment

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Integration and deployment of a collaborative solution
When companies change their software structure, migrate their workstations or integrate a new collaborative solution (such as ERP) in their system, it is absolutely vital to structure methods and manage IT teams to painlessly prepare and implement such project. Most companies which already have experienced implementation projects in China will acknowledge that they encountered various problems. Among a long list of criticisms, we noted in particular a high turnover in IT service provider’s staff, lack of documentation, lack of follow up, out of target completion date.

NEXIAN can reduce for its customer those risks and constraints.

NEXIAN is highly experienced in project implementation management based upon international quality standards and best practices such as ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) methods. NEXIAN uses forms, guidelines, reports to constantly keep a record of the work accomplished to ease future upgrades and the IT solution’s evolutions.

NEXIAN monitors, manages and reports to its customer during the whole project implementation, from assisting its clients in choosing the IT team that will implement the solution to the deployment phase. 

The implementation process consists of4 phases:

1) Preparation,

2) Integration & Configuration,

3) Test & Validation, and

4) Implementation & Deployment (the project go live).

The Implementation Project Management objectives are focused on tightly monitoring, controlling, and balancing the project’s three key constraints: Scope, Budget, and Schedule.

To be effective in achieving this primary management objective, we must generally establish the following documents and processes:

  • Project planning,
  • Processes to monitor progress,
  • Follow-up project tools (periodical steering committee meeting and reports),
  • Processes for dealing with technical or contractual issues,
  • Project’s scope evolution procedure,
  • Procedure for accepting project deliverables,
  • Definition of the criteria which constitutes project completion.

About our project implementation project methodology and processes . more

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Sunday, 18 February 2018
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IT Services

At NEXIAN we know that, as much as we can help you with your technical processes, if we do not help you maintain active your global and local communications links the rest is useless. more

IT Services 

Monitoring projects and avoiding potential pitfalls

Monitoring projects and avoiding potential pitfalls

NEXIAN helps you maintain on-target delivery dates and get the quality you expect from third party providers. more

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